Top Interview Quotes— Bob Goff Edition

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with NYT bestselling author of the book Love Does and founder of Restore International, Bob Goff. Everything was surreal, from a bear hug greeting to reclining in rocking chairs discussing his signed electric guitar. Yes, we did eventually talk about his notable nonprofit work, Christian philosophy and future plans for his writing. In a few weeks I will be publishing an in-depth article about my interview with Goff which is sure to reveal how amazing he truly is. Right now I wanted to share some of Goff’s best quotes that were thrown at me during our interview. Enjoy, and check back later for the feature length article.

Myself with Goff after our interview.

Myself with Goff after our interview.


“I do not try to be the smartest guy in the room, I try to be the most loving guy.” 


[When I asked Goff about the day-to-day operations of Restore International, I was confused at first as to why Goff kept denying being the founder of his own organization.]

“Jesus didn’t have an organization so I don’t want to have an organization."


[Goff was in the middle of telling me about his recent trip to Iraq where he visited the school children that attend Restore International’s school.]

“They [students] are afraid, so I figured let’s go be afraid together.”


[I asked Goff how Restore International started their work originally in Africa. I was blown away by Goff’s answer and the nearly tangible emotion that was contained within Goff’s voice.]

“We just started going into brothels asking for young girls, then we would set up raids to free them. After that we would take the bad guys to court in Uganda. Because love and justice go hand-in-hand.” 


[The two following quotes are Goff’s advice for college students.]

“Don’t do things that work, do things that last.”

“Don’t ask how my life is working for me, ask how your life is working for those around you.”


[Goff summed up his whole philosophy in this one phrase that has really stuck with me.]

“Don’t love efficiently, love extravagantly.” 


Click here to purchase this amazing book.

Click here to purchase this amazing book.

- David O'Hair